Isabella Maria Rafaela Gabriella Micaela Benita De Wardin, aka Twiggii Quinn, is a Belgian-Brazilian Singer/Songwriter and Pole Dancer. She is no stranger to the entertainment world and dreamt about being a professional ballerina as a young girl. Twiggii has been ballet dancing since age four and danced avidly till the time an injury forced her to surrender her dreams at age 16.

A broken foot forced Twiggii to give up the dream of becoming a ballerina, yet the desire to entertain remained unhinged. At age 16, she became the Lead Singer and Violinist of a metal band, ‘Wardoom.’ Twiggii has been playing violin since age eight and snatched the first chance to bring her little-known passion into the limelight.

Three years later, Twiggii discovered Opera and did not take long to realize her innate talent in it. Driven by the desire to make it a profession, she joined a Gospel Choir at age 21, a decision that inspired her to change styles and start anew.

Today, Twiggii runs a YouTube Channel where she sings covers and her original compositions. She is well-recognized in the local entertainment scene and performs actively in pubs, bars, & events.

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Twiggii Quinn